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Halo Rover vs EPIKGO Reviews Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Halo Rover vs EPIKGO Reviews

Nobody could have ever thought that a device like an electric hoverboard can take the world by storm. The best Hoverboards for beginners are kind of like skateboards with batteries and motors inside them. Hoverboards have become very popular as time has passed by. They are seen everywhere, and people using them to complete their daily chores.

Halo Rover vs EPIKGO Reviews

You can see students going to school or college on a hoverboard. They are a very convenient way of going from one place to another. As most people can’t afford to buy a car or a bike, hoverboards can be an excellent alternative for them. They are relatively inexpensive. Office workers can also use hoverboards to reach their offices quickly as these boards are small and can be fitted in narrow spaces easily.Halo Rover vs EPIKGO Reviews

Halo Rover vs EPIKGO Hoverboard Reviews

When talking about hoverboards Halo Rover vs. EPIKGO is the talk of the town. These two companies are fierce competitors who have their very own hoverboards. Their hoverboards are quite popular, and people usually have to decide between whether they want to go with the Halo Rover vs EPIKGO.
Both of these companies specialize in making the best quality hoverboards out there. As hoverboards are not that pricy, they are the perfect thing to ride on when going small distances. They can make life so much easier. Both the Halo Rover and EPIKGO hoverboards are powerful and can quickly get to your desired location without any hassle. The design of both boards is impressive.
Halo Rover vs EPIKGO is the choice many people have to make when they are looking to buy a new hoverboard for their personal use. Many things come into play when choosing the best hoverboard for you, and we have solved your problem by giving you a deep dive on both of the boards.

EPIKGO Hoverboard:

Hoverboard transportation recently blew out of proportion and introduced a new kind of transportation. But there were some problems in the early adaptions of the hoverboards, and EPIKGO seems to solve most of those problems. The design of the hoverboard is sleek looking and can appeal to any person. It has a beautiful design. The premium quality of the hoverboard alone is to encourage some people to buy it.
There are LED lights present on the front of the hoverboard, which is very helpful when riding at night. These lights are bright enough so that you can see the road clearly in front of you. As with every hoverboard, there is some kind of electrical or fire danger because there are batteries present within the board. EPIKGO comes with UL 2272 certification, which means that it has passed all the necessary tests and is completely safe to ride under any condition.
There is no chance that the board might catch fire. This board is only allowed for children who are older than 13 years. As with every hoverboard, performance matters the most. Sometimes good-looking boards are relatively rotten in production. But this is not the case with EPIKGO. It comes with dual motors that have a power of 400W. These are quite powerful motors and can easily take a person up to a hill.
The range and speed of the board are also quite good. EPIKGO can go up to 10 miles per hour and can even last more than 1 hour. The speed and range are quite good for a scooter. This board has the perfect balance between speed and range. The rubber tires of these boards are also quite robust. They have water resistance and can easily be driven through grass, sand, or mud. You will have no trouble in going anywhere in this scooter.
The size of this board is also quite large. The power of this board is unlike anything out in the market. It leaves all of its competitors in the dust with its significant performance and batteries. The maximum carrying weight of this board is 240 pounds, which is quite good for a scooter. Fat persons don’t need to worry about getting a ride on this board.
EPIKGO also comes with self-balance technology and is quite good at that. It can handle most of the hard work and makes the person feel comfortable so that he can enjoy a smooth riding experience. There is one thing that stands out about this hoverboard, and that is the fast charging technology of this hoverboard. You can easily charge the board in two hours, which is nuts.
EPIKGO hoverboard reviews are available online if you want to take a look at them too. Overall, this is one of the best hoverboards and has features that will facilitate everyone’s needs.

Halo Rover Hoverboards:

Halo is quite a big name which it comes to scooters, and Halo Rover is one of their best products yet. It has the build quality and design like that of a tank. The tires of this board have been made using a special material that cannot be easily punctured. The frame of the board is made out of a premium material like aluminum. It ensures the board has the best quality around and can easily last years to come.
Safety is the most concerning thing about a hoverboard. A hoverboard is prone to electrical failure, which can result in electric shocks or even fire. Batteries present inside the board are very fragile. Hoverboards are highly gifted items, and younger children can get hurt. But Halo Rover x comes with all the necessary safety standards met already. You don’t worry while riding on this board.
The design of this hoverboard is also quite good and fancy looking. There are potent LEDs present in front of this hoverboard. Usually, when you are traveling at night, and there is no light source, it can get hard to ride a hoverboard, but the active LEDs make sure that the person can see the road ahead of him. In this way, he is more careful of his surroundings.
There are also different modes available on these hoverboards. These kinds of methods are essential, and they also help in giving newcomers to practice their skills. Training mode is present so that you can quickly learn and adapt to a new hoverboard. There is also music connectivity present on this board. This is a nice feature to have and will inevitably change the mood of individual people.
You can also track the speed of your board as well as see the battery level of the board. The motors present inside the chassis are also very powerful. The power of these motors is freaking 800W. This is more than enough power for a hoverboard and probably the biggest motors present in a hoverboard. These are capable of taking the Halo Rover at a max speed of 10 mph and go for as long as 10 miles.
Halo rover hoverboard has the perfect balance between ease of use and useful features. There is also a self-balancing tech present here, which is highly beneficial. One bad thing about the Halo Rover is that there is no water protection available. Overall, this product is genuinely excellent and offers the best specs in a low price hoverboard.

Halo Rover vs EPIKGO:

These two are some of the best hoverboards around, but some things set them apart.
On the design front, both hoverboards are exceptional. Halo Rover comes with an aluminum frame body, and high-quality rubber tires ensure that the rider feels special when riding on it. The front LEDs are also a good addition and make night riding easy.
On the other hand, EPIKGO is also a high-quality hoverboard that ticks all the boxes. It has a good and premium look and feels to it. There are LEDs present here too and very useful when riding at night.
When it comes to performance, both of the hoverboards stand tall. Halo Rover comes with 800W motors that are powerful and can take the board up to a maximum speed of 10 mph. The range is also good at 10 miles.
EPIKGO features 400W Dual Motors that are also quite strong in their respective way, and the speed and range are the same as the Halo, which brings this product some confidence.
Halo Rover and EPIKGO both have more or less the same set of features present. There is a self-balancing technology present on both quite impressive boards. Halo Rover also comes with a Bluetooth speaker integrated into the board, which allows for audio listening experience on the go.


Taking a last look at both the products. Halo Rover and EPIKGO are both strong in their respective areas, and there are not so many differences to talk about. The design of both the boards is more or less similar, but the quality is there.
Performance and features wise the Halo might have the edge over the EPIKGO, but you won’t be disappointed in the performance of the EPIKGO either. Both hoverboards offer solid riding experience, and you won’t regret any one of these hoverboards.
They will fulfill your daily needs very easily, and their batteries are also quite good and can last you for more than one hour. If you are in the market to buy a hoverboard, then either the Halo Rover or EPIKGO should be the ones you should look out for Black Friday deals.