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Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Review

This here is an article about the Hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter reviews, you will get to know that it is a hoverboard that comes with a camo design that makes it way cooler and futuristic than the other hoverboards. Not only does it have those fantastic looks and design, but also has some fascinating features. 

The Hover 1 helix comes in all black tint to it for a decent look, and with that descent, the look comes lights that are provided on the rear and back, as well as on the wheels; for visibility and safety purposes.

Talking about the safety measures, there is a Hover-1 helix hoverboard electric self-balancing scooter UL2272 certified measure taken to ensure that the kids and adults can easily and safely ride this Hoverboard without any problem because it is tested and guaranteed safe. There are also MSDS, and UN38.3 test measures taken in this Hoverboard.

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There are also Bluetooth speakers in the Hover-1 – helix self-balancing scooter, which is not the typical one. Instead, they have their own water-resistance measure called IPX4. You also get a battery power indicator to let you know how much battery is left for use. 

At the least, this Hoverboard is all about that fantastic look and features that attract the public and the user. The battery power is something around a 6-hour charge providing you with much enjoyable time in the Hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter galaxy design.

Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Review

Well, who does not want a cool looking galaxy designed Hoverboard with lots of choices to pick from? That is why when you are looking for something that can be used by the adults and kids while also being impressive to look at; then this is the product you can always opt for due to its versatile designs. There is a hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter galaxy design and also the hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter camo design. The choice is yours!

When buying a hoverboard, there are a fair number of drawbacks concerning safety, which makes you doubtful about purchasing them. To solve your problem concerning safety, the hover 1 helix comes with a fair amount of certifications like the UL 2272 certification, UL power cord certification MSDS, and the Test of UN 38.3, allowing you to be much secure when using this Hoverboard. 

When you get the Hoverboard with the speaker, they always get damaged due to water often getting in them when riding the Hoverboard. For that specific reason, the classy Hover-1 – helix self-balancing scooter – black comes with IPX4 water resistance for the Bluetooth speakers maintaining their performance even in water.

Below we have provided you with a Hover-1 – helix self-balancing scooter review to let you know much more about this product in their details.

Product Review

Here is the review of the hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter review; The primary thing to discuss here is the design and the construction pf hover 1 helix. This here is the hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter galaxy design, that is the most unique looking Hoverboard in the market.

To be honest, I personally like this design most, but there are another hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter camo designs that can take your attention. All the designs are pretty durable and premium made for optimum comfort when riding.

Next up, the amazing thing here in the Hover-1 – helix self-balancing scooter is the light configuration. These lights are one of the brightest LED lights provided in any hoverboard; there are LED lights on the wheels while two are on the front and back, allowing you to be extra visible in the low light conditions. They are also super useful when you are riding in the dark areas where you need to see the front and around the scooter.

So, now comes the safety measures taken by the Hover-1 – helix self-balancing scooter – black. There are basically many types of certification and tests done by this Hover 1 helix. The most renowned of them are the UL2272 certification, which allows you to be assured of the safety measures. There is the IN 38.3 test, and the MSDS UL certified power cord test done to prove that safety is the first priority of these manufacturers.

The battery timing on this Hoverboard is also somewhat decent, but nothing too great to expect here. There is 36 V capacity, and two motors of 200w take about 6 hours to charge till maximum. There is also an indicator provided in the Hover-1 helix hoverboard electric self-balancing scooter UL2272 certified product, that tells about the battery timing on the Hoverboard.

All in one, this Hoverboard might be expensive but surely gives impressive built quality and a lot of design choices for you to choose from. There are also amazing features like the certifications for safety and the water resistance for Bluetooth wireless speakers. Last but not least, there are even lights and battery power indicator.


  • Product Size: 6.5 inches
  • Manufacturer: Hover-1
  • Certification: UL 2272 Certification, IN 38.3 test, MSDS UL certified power cord.
  • Color: Galaxy camo
  • Shipping Weight: 17.2 pounds
  • Battery power indicator to show battery strength
  • Futuristic galaxy design camo.
  • UL certification along other to ensure safety standards
  • IPX4, Bluetooth water resistance
  • Bright LED lights for Visibility

  • The battery doesn’t hold for long.
  • A bit expensive

Final Words

This article is about the Hover-1 helix electric hoverboard scooter reviews. Well, Hover 1 Helix is a very futuristic and premium built hoverboard coming in several designs or camo. The galaxy might be the most fascinating to look at, coming with a lot of features like battery indicator, LED lights, and even IPX4 water resistance for Bluetooth speakers.

There are also several certifications for safety like the UL2272 and MSDS UL certified power cord. There is also a test called IN 38.3 test to meet the safety standards while also doing more than that. For this specific reason, kids, as well as adults, can safely ride this scooter whenever they want to.