How does a HoverBoard Work?

How does a HoverBoard Work

Do you know what the hoverboard is? Do you think using a hoverboard is not safe for you? Well, first you have to know more about hoverboards and how do they work. Maybe then you will decide it is safe for you or not. Hoverboards are most likely work as self-balancing scooters. You can ride on them by keeping a proper balance and go to your school or office.

Some of the people are facing problems due to their lithium-ion batteries’ explosion and unstable control. These accidents can cause serious injuries to you. To help you, we are here to provide you more information about hoverboards. You will know how you can control them when you know it’s working.

In case you are a geek like me who always wants to know how things work inside, let’s dive deep into the hoverboard’s working process.

Inside the hoverboard 

The hoverboard usually comprises of the following:

  • 2 infrared sensors
  • 2-speed sensors
  • 2 pressure pads with 4 tilting sensors
  • Battery pack
  • Logic board
  • 2 Gyroscopes (1 with each wheel)
  • 2 Motors (1 in each wheel)

How do hoverboards work

The main concept of riding a hoverboard is to lean forward to speed up, put your weight backward to reduce the speed.

Let’s dive into what part does what job.

Infrared Sensors

There is an infrared sensor below each pressure pad. These sensors use infrared rays to determine the reflection of the rider. They then give data to the logic board when the rider stands on the hoverboard and not tilting in any direction. The logic board then works to maintain the center of gravity to maintain self-balance.

Tilting and speed sensors

Each wheel has a separate speed sensor. Speed sensors measure the speed of the hoverboard in rpm and send this data to gyroscopes.

The wheels also have 2 tilt sensors each. The tilt sensors are one on the front and one on the back. These sensors sense in which direction the rider is tilting the hoverboard. The tilting sensors also give data to gyroscopes. The gyroscopes then provide this data to the logic board to maintain the level of speed.


The gyroscopes are the main part where the self-balancing technology works. Sensors on each wheel send separate data regarding speed and direction to the gyroscopes. Each gyroscope sends this data to the logic board after processing to maintain the speed and direction according to the rider’s movement.

Logic Board

The brain of a hoverboard is the logic board. The logic board works as a motherboard of the hoverboard. it is comprised of microprocessors. These microprocessors collect data from the parts i.e sensors and gyroscopes and then give commands to the motors maintaining the speed and the movement. The logic board also controls the energy from the battery pack.


Separate motors in each wheel make it possible for wheels to be on separate levels of speed. This in result enables the hoverboard to turn left or right.

For example, if you put pressure on your right foot forward and left foot backward, what it does is increase the speed on the right wheel and decrease the speed on the left wheel resulting in the hoverboard to turn left and vice versa.

Battery pack

Hoverboards usually work with a built-in battery pack. This is the main power source for the hoverboard. Hoverboards in general use lithium-ion batteries from 36V to 42V.

Lithium-ion batteries help the hoverboard to be lightweight and resulting in more manageable in terms of self-balance. These kinds of batteries also last longer than the others as they discharge slowly. An old laptop battery can also be used for a hoverboard.

The hoverboard also comes with a charging port which is used to charge the battery pack. If the port isn’t available, the battery needs to be charged externally. There are some other parts in a hoverboard like LEDs, a Steel frame with a central pivot, a Protection shell made with plastic, Power button.

These features may vary from one hoverboard to another as there are a lot of options available in the market now. A wide variety of hoverboards is sold in the market with features additional and at different prices. The prices may vary between USD 200 to USD 300 according to the facilities provided.

Put the balance in self-balance

The hoverboard works great when you keep your balance on them. First, you have to calm yourself and keep your back straight. After that, stand on the hoverboard and leans forward then the LED light turns off.  The sensors signal the logic board and the hoverboard starts to spin around. Also, you can go straight or go wherever you want and enjoy your ride. Just make sure to keep your balance.

Control Center

The control center of the Hoverboard helps you to maintain yourself on the stand. Besides, you have to move around to provide some physical signals to the control center of the hoverboard. This makes the hoverboard move quickly in the direction where you want to go.

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Things to consider while buying a hoverboard

If you are considering to buy a hoverboard, also, to know the process, you also need to know the following to buy the best one for your needs.

  • A good logic program and software helps maintain the working process of sensors and other parts. So, invest in one with good real-time data processing as it will enable you for a smooth ride.
  • Check the quality of the battery. Low-quality batteries tend to burst and result in financial and human loss.
  • The size of the wheels matters a lot while using the hoverboard. Bigger sized wheels consume more energy are hard to manage while riding the hoverboard. While smaller size wheels will affect the speed and will not be able to carry your weight.
  • Quality or rims will help you to move between the wheels easily.

Where to buy

Now is the time to buy your hoverboard as now you have all the information from its components to process to the things you need to keep in mind while buying one.

There is one place where you can find all the hoverboards you need. To Select, a hoverboard that meets your needs, Feel free to visit

We have added some additional features to our hoverboards like fog lights, LED lights, built-in speakers, and much more. Get your desired hoverboard and happy riding!