How to Repair Hoverboard?

How to Repair Hoverboard

Are you facing problems with your hoverboard? Well, we have some solutions to your problems here. Besides, learning the ways to repair the hoverboard is essential to keep it last long for years.

You must love your hoverboard and ride on it every time you have to go outside for fun or just to run an errand. If you are feeling that your hoverboard is not working the same as it used to then don’t worry. Most of the people are facing balancing issues in their one or both wheels of the hoverboard.

We are going to provide you some solutions and tips that will help you to repair your hoverboards and make them working like before. We will go over some basic issues in this article and how you can repair your hoverboard. By repairing it, your board will work like a new one. Let’s go!


What the Red Light Indicates

As you are riding happily there is the possibility that red light starts blinking in the middle of your hoverboard or on activation and you get worried. Sometimes it just blinks to indicate a low battery which is not a big issue. But it may blink more than once or with a beep. Let me tell you the meaning of red-light blinking.

In one-word red light, bling indicates ‘fault’ in the hoverboard. Just keep a look at how many times the red light blinks. Different counts of blinking indicate different faults in the hoverboard.

If it blinks first turn off the hoverboard for 10 seconds and then again switch on it. If a flash of red light again appears note it now. As a danger sign it will indicate faults that might lead to the following problems:

  1. Bad connections
  2. Malfunctioning of circuits
  3. Wheel motors issues
  4. Change in battery
  5. Bad gyroscope that needs to be replaced

Below given faults are indicated by the blinking of red light.

Faults indicated by Blinking of red light

  1. Motherboard issues
  2. Circuit malfunctioning and balance share
  3. Wheel motors
  4. Faulty battery
  5. Replacing gyroscopes

Light may come when you test the hoverboard but if it turns black then it is already OK.

Motherboard issues

You are riding, and you see that in the middle of the hoverboard red light blinks. When it blinks just for on time, it means that wires get loosen inside the hoverboard. Loose wires may lead to unbalancing if of motor wires or motherboard wires. LED wires and Bluetooth wires are not linked to the cause of any issue.


  • Simply find a plane surface area.
  • Unscrew all screws that may be 15-20.
  • This will separate the main body of the hoverboard.
  • Then with calmness just reconnect all the wires so they get tight.

If it does not work, then you must buy a new motherhood.


Matching motherhood of the same model is difficult to buy as many types are present.

Circuit Malfunctioning and Balance Sensors

If you see that the red light turns on twice then it indicates internal circuit damage. This is a complex issue. A big problem is that circuit damage will cause sensor imbalance.


  • I suggest you purchase a new kit with the correct circuit and install it.
  • If you want to fix you must be an expert in it.
  • Watch youtube videos when you are going to fix it.
  • If not properly trained or not researched properly then do not modify it otherwise you will cause serious damage.

Wheel Motors

Blinking of red light 4 times is an indication of a fault in the wheel other than the battery side. If blinks 5 times, then suggest that there is an issue in the wheel on the battery side. It might occur because of pin deviation or damage to the motherboard.


  • just go to the buyer and have a new kit
  • Replace the older damaged motor and attach a new one to it
  • Purchase from a manufacturer having the same size and place it.

Faulty battery

The red light is blinking. Keep an eye and count how many times it blinks. If blinks 6 times, then it shows battery damage on the hoverboard. This might happen if a low voltage battery is used or there is an issue with the battery circuit board.


The best solution is to buy a new battery. Samsung battery cells are of high voltage and are best for hoverboards. Black batteries made up of Samsung battery cells are also highly recommended in this regard.

Precaution: Battery must be of the same model or use UL2271 battery

Sometimes green light blinks that indicates a low battery state. It is Ok. Just recharge it. Battery time maybe 2-3 hours.

Gyroscopes Replacement

Now count the blinking times. If it blinks 7 times it indicates a fault in gyroscopes. This may be happened because of faulty interface alignments, poor interface, or an unstable socket that is not plugged properly and fully. It’s a bit tricky to fix it.


  • Here the first and best recommendation is to buy a new gyroscope and change the faulty one.
  • Precaution: This is a tricky act as the gyroscope took must be of the same motherboard and voltage.
  • If doubt, buy a full circuit board replacement kit and place it.


Here in the above discussion, I have tried to help you by giving a solution of six main problems that you can use to repair or fix your hoverboard by yourself.  One thing you must be kept in mind that your hoverboard must be of a good warranty. So, it will have a long life with little maintenance.

Just ensure one thing that you have thoroughly gone with the above-mentioned solutions of hoverboard problems. Just follow the above instructions before calling anyone to repair your hoverboard. I am sure these tips will save your cost for repair. Try it!

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