How to Spot a REAL vs. FAKE Hoverboard

How to Spot a REAL vs. FAKE Hoverboard

Are you interested in buying a Hoverboard and just stuck with the issue of Real vs Fake? Then don’t worry. You are in a right place. This article will give you a detailed guideline for identifying the original Hoverboard.

Do they hover? No. These handle-less scooters attract children and adults with their mobility and speed. It’s quite fun to experience the thrill of sports and zip from place to place just like skating. Buying Hoverboard from the registered company will save your Rights.  Isn’t it great! Its premium and look fascinate the kids and celebrities as well.

Save your time and money. Keep scrolling down to know more about the tips that can provide you guidance regarding identifying a real Hoverboard. It will surely help you to identify the real Hoverboard from the fake one. Happy reading!

A Quick Guide to Check Real vs. Fake Hoverboard

If you are impressed with the looks and features of Hoverboard and want to purchase the Hoverboard. Then take a pause! Make sure you can judge a clear difference between Real Vs Fake. As the replicas go back to back.

Here is a Quick guide with clear differences to save you from buying crap.

First thing first. Your conscious mental state will save you from the loss.

  • The packaging of the Hoverboard should have a hologram UL label which ensures the battery and charging system is safe. Make sure it should be original.
  • Take a look at a battery pack, charging system, plastic material, and motors. Everything that comprises it with full information is real. Look at the manual given within, if it has Poor English or spelling errors then it’s fake.
  • Real Hoverboard on the charging plug comes along with the trading standard of BS 1363. Avoid purchasing one which doesn’t have this standard on the plug.
  • Try to buy it from a registered company as it will save you consumer rights, purchase from a non-registered company will deprive your customers of their rights. So be careful.
  • Always buy from trustworthy sources offline or online, if in case of damage or issue you can get connected for a change.

Above mentioned guide book should be kept in mind while shopping. It will save you time, money, and energy.

REAL vs. FAKE Hoverboard

Hoverboards come in different packaging with various innovations. So it’s difficult for a common citizen to identify its originality. The cost of the Hoverboard is approximately $300 including the shipping cost. Don’t purchase a local one or lower price because safety comes first. Compromise on price may lead to paying much higher in the form of life. So don’t take a risk.

Make sure the Hoverboard you’re purchasing must have a branded battery installed properly. Lithium batteries are installed in the Hoverboard, lithium ends up in the fire. The blast can be abrupt if it’s not installed properly.

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Best Tips to Determine the Real vs. Fake Hoverboard

Name Spelling and Grammatical errors

Name is the first thing that is seen. Fake companies change the spelling to avoid copyright theft. For example Segway, it would have the name ‘Smagway’ or ‘Swagway’ in an imitative manner on duplicate ones. The copy looks the same but this minor difference should not be neglected to avoid future repentance.

Price and quality

Will you purchase a hoverboard at a cheap rate? Of course NOT. As you know that it is designed by fulfilling all the parameters of quality and price which goes hand in hand. If Hoverboard is being offered at a low price then DON’T purchases it.

Because of its tremendous potential and design, it’s available for approximately $300. So don’t dream to get two at once; lower price and better quality. Reject all the offers lower than this price, even if it’s of any brand. Because it will not give you 100% durability and flexibility.


A hoverboard is designed for mobility and speed but it’s not all. An original product will be distinguished by looks and premium as designed by reputable company engineers. Fake one can’t meet this premium look so you can use it as an indication to identify the Real one.


Manual is the main thing to observe as it is designed to guide a customer. Before purchasing a product make sure you read the manual inside it. The original is written impressively without any spelling or grammar errors. It also has all the details such as web link, email, phone number, and address. If the Hoverboard you purchased has errors and doesn’t contain such information then it is Fake.


If a Hoverboard is certificated it means that it is a tested sample of UL which determines that the specific product meets the requirements of UL-2272 standard.

This sample test includes:

Overcharging test, short circuit, imbalance charging test, handle loaded tests, and so on.

These requirements are primarily based on UL’s published and nationally recognized “Standard for Safety.” The fake one doesn’t have this certification.


Lightweight quality products are the standard with the passage of advanced technology. Here it’s not the same case. Light-weight Hoverboard depicts the cheap quality of material used in it. So avoid purchasing it because it may give adverse effects.


Well maintained Hoverboard will not produce annoying sounds while in use because it is designed by renowned engineers. If it squeaks, then it’s not assembled properly and is fake.

Customers Review

Are you eagerly waiting for your Hoverboard to be your traveling companion? Then take a minute and read the consumer’s review. It will help you a lot in identifying whether to purchase it or not. Go to for details. The original product will of course be better rated and reviewed. If customers are happy then it’s the best parameter to purchase the one better experienced.


After mentioning so many parameters to identify the Real vs. Fake Hoverboard. Now it would be quite easy for you to invest money in real things. The only purpose of this article was to tell you that your minor mistake may lead you to risk your life.

So have FUN and enjoy your ride on your Real HoverBoard.