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Skque Self Balancing Hoverboard reviews 2020

Skque hoverboard reviews

Skque is the online store known for selling quality hoverboards with Bluetooth speakers. Skque was founded in 2003 and the company has been delivering quality products to its customers. Skque was one of the well-reputed company in providing quality hoverboards to its customers with the application of quality Bluetooth speakers. Skque hoverboards are available in different colors like blue, red, etc. Read the full article to get proper Skque hoverboard reviews. Check Price on Amazon

Skque Self Balancing Hoverboard reviews 2020

Skque hoverboard reviewsA square hoverboard is the only hoverboard model that is safe and certified with UL 2272 safety certificate. A skque hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter that is safe for riding and easy to use and operate. It comes with a well-protected and highly durable battery. The battery is of good quality that makes it function well. The battery and the body of the device are solid and not easily breakable. The skque hoverboard comes with a remote to either on or off it. Skque hoverboard price is quite reasonable.

Features and specifications

The various color range for Skque hoverboards is available. You can choose according to your choice. The high-quality battery is its basic feature. It has a battery of about 4400 mAh power, which makes this Skque hoverboard to use for a long time. The battery can easily be charged by Skque hoverboard charger. A rider can ride on Skque hoverboard can easily travel roundabout 15 miles at the rate of 6.2 mph. the tires of Skque Self Balancing Hoverboard are highly gripped and air-filled which counts for extra smoothness in the ride. It has a unique appearance.
LED lights with extra glow makes it splendid and enhances its beauty. It has an anti-slip foot section that prevents it to slip with the help of foot cushions. The feedback of the Skque hoverboard product from overall customers is highly impressive. Parents think that this device is trustworthy to buy for their kids. Various brands for hoverboards are present in the market, still, Skque hoverboard is best among all of them. It has a smart design, smart, and easy to understand features. A skque hoverboard is popular among holiday shoppers because of its fun creating specifications. Skque hoverboards are being used for recreational purposes from the last few years. This hoverboard is suitable for outdoor as well as for indoor usage.
The anti-shock features of Skque hoverboard what makes it acceptable among the audience. A skque hoverboard is the best brand to promise you a stable ride and easy to operate specifications. You can easily make 360 degrees of turn without the fear of falling down or getting injured. It has a motor with two drivers that makes your feet fit completely and make easy movement while riding on the Skque hoverboard.
In order to make a smooth ride, you just have to follow 3 steps.
Turn the power on
With the use of one foot, you need to do foot switch trigger activation. It will help you to create self-balance.
Now along with the first foot, carefully place the second foot on best hoverboard for kids reviews and let it move. That is it!
You can use backward and forward movement and it will depend on the direction you want to choose. Don’t make your balance to lose and let you fall down. Any single inappropriate movement in the body can make you fall down. The Bluetooth connection of the Skque hoverboard is featured to listen to music while you ride. Skque hoverboard provides a secure connection of Bluetooth to your smartphone.
You can easily choose from 3 sizes of Skque hoverboard, i.e. 6.5 in, 8 in and 10 in. You can choose a small size i.e. 6.5 inches if you want to have a portable hoverboard. Due to less weight and short size, it is easy to carry. It can easily pass through smaller spaces.
The larger size i.e. 10 in. wheel size will assist you with the smooth ride and easy balance quenching. It will create hurdles in carrying it around. It can’t pass from smaller spaces.
The intermediate size i.e. 8 in. wheel size will create compromised balance in between the larger and smaller wheel size features.
Skque hoverboard amazon has about the average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Mostly, the customers purchase it for their kids and they are happy with the product specifications and the features.

Uses of Skque Hoverboard 

  • Hoverboards are used as the source of transport by people. A skque hoverboard is the best option for people who are searching for entertainment and transportation in one thing.
  • Hoverboards are the best alternatives to biking, walking, and driving and people give priority to hoverboards than the bike, cars, etc.
  • Hoverboards add fun to mobility. A skque hoverboard is adventurous to use as a source of mobility.
  • Get around work fast is one of the other use of hoverboard. Sometimes offices have long distances from one building to another. To ease this long-distance walking, hoverboards can be used suitably.
  • The hoverboard can be used to improve the reflex and adjust capacity as the rider has to make decisions in a short time scale.
  • The hoverboard can assist you to lose additional calories as it will make you concentrate and control.
  • It is the best device for the full-body exercise as the rider controls his full body during riding.It can be used by a person who has some serious problem in walking and running

  • A skque hoverboard is good for time management and easy to learn and operate.
  • Increase mobility and it creates fun and recreational activities.
  • Suitable to go to places and spaces that are narrow.
  • Fire resistive body and highly protective chassis.
  • Durable battery with charger and UL 2272 certificates.
  • Air-filled wheels may inflate.
  • Need maintenance of wheels.


Skque is a trustworthy company to supply Hoverboards in the market from a few years. It is one of the most stylish Hoverboards. The color patterns and appearance are unique. This Skque remote control hoverboard is strong and sturdy in manufacturing and has Bluetooth speakers and the buyers are happy with their choice.