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Veveline Hoverboard For Kids Review

Veveline Hoverboard Review

In this article of Veveline hoverboard Review, you will get to know that it is a self-balancing scooter/hoverboard that is very light in weight and also very entertaining to use. It is an ideal choice for the children as well as the adults; you basically get a lot of premium stuff in a very budget-friendly price range. It has some unique color combinations and comes with flashlights for safety.

In the Veveline electric scooter, you get a lot of lights ranging from the front and back to even the tires of the hoverboard. These are extremely useful for traveling in dark places so that the incoming traffic or people can easily notice the colorful hoverboard.

There is Veveline hoverboard UL2272 Certification that is known around the globe as a safety standard in terms of hoverboard specifically, making it not only meet the standards of safety but also provide much more than that. For that specific reason, the kids can comfortably ride this hoverboard and also have fun with the exceptional technology supplied with it.

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Veveline Hoverboard For Kids 6.5 inches Review

Primarily, the absolute best thing you get with the Veveline hoverboard for kids is the safety standards. For the public surety, there is a Veveline hoverboard UL2272 certification that is proof for the hoverboard if it meets the safety standards. So, you don’t have to be doubtful about the safety in this hoverboard.

Taking about the most extraordinary feature, there are LED lights in the Veveline electric scooter, with colors on the tire side for you to be completely safe even in the dark conditions. There are also lights on the front and the back of this hoverboard for complete awareness when the public is nearby, or you are riding on the road. This will solve your problem of using this hoverboard in the dark conditions or even in the much public place.

From the Veveline electric hoverboard reviews, you get to know that this hoverboard is safe to use even to the degree that the kids or children can use the hoverboard themselves. The Veveline hoverboard for kids is the perfect choice when you are looking for an electric scooter that will be safe for your kids due to its safety standards, speed control, and led lights.  

Lastly, there are wireless capabilities in the hoverboard that will perfectly entertain your children and allow your kids to listen to some music with their Bluetooth gadgets, solving the problem of entertainment.

Below we have provided you with Veveline electric hoverboard reviews, which will enable you to know much more about it.

Product Review

Here is the Veveline hoverboard review; Primarily, the Veveline electric scooter comes with lights for attraction and safety purposes. There are some clearly visible colorful flashing lights around the hoverboard on the wheels for you to know what is going on around you, even in the low light conditions.

These lights are also useful in the case of a dark place or somewhere public where people rarely notice that someone is around them. These are not the typical lights; instead, these are the ones with LED multicolor placed inside for some attraction and entertainment purposes.

Aside from the lights on the wheels, you will find that there are also lights placed on the front and on the back of the hoverboard. These lights are placed there for security reasons and safety purposes because when you are riding the Veveline hoverboard for kids, the people on the back can notice you. At the same time, the front is visible to you.

Aside from the features of light, there is wireless connectivity provided in this hoverboard too. You can easily use your gadgets to control your hoverboard or simply play music on your device wirelessly. This is a very efficient feature for the kids because they always want something more when talking about hoverboards.  

The central aspect of this hoverboard is battery life. You can quickly get the timing of around one to two to four hours on a single full charge, even with all the lights turned on. The lousy aspect here is that the hoverboard’s speed is not that much; for Kids, it is more than enough, but for adults, you cannot correctly get entertained for your thrill needs.

You will also have to be careful about the batteries in this hoverboard because they are the most annoying aspect of this hoverboard. As an extra pair of them would be useful, but taking proper care of them is essential.

Last but not least, after he has done the Veveline electric hoverboard reviews, you know that it is a perfect choice for the kids, children, or even adults. But it doesn’t suit them or their needs for entertainment. Inside there is Veveline hoverboard UL2272 Certification to provide you with proof for safety measured taken.


  • Product Size: 6.5 inches
  • Manufacturer: Veveline
  • Certification: UL2272
  • Battery Timing: two to four hours maximum
  • Shipping Weight: 16.2 pounds
  • There is wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.
  • LED lights for maximum vision in the Dark.
  • UL2272 Certification for safety and controlled speed
  • Value for Money.

  • Less Battery timing for provided features.

Final Words

The Veveline hoverboard for kids comes with a much user-friendly design, while there are some exciting features like the wireless connectivity, colorful lights, and self-balance will get you through the day and night ride. It can also be the perfect ride for your kids while also being an ideal gift for many occasions.

Despite some negative aspects related to battery life, like less battery timing and less speed, kids love to ride this hoverboard because of wireless connectivity. They can listen to their favorite music on headphones wirelessly. 

In this article, we provided you with the Veveline Hoverboard review enabling you to know more about this product and then make a fair decision depending on your needs.